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1. Express massage
2. An hour for yourself
3. Double relaxation
4. Massage in 4 hands
5. Foot fetish
6. Selfishness
7. The Royal Massage
8. Lingam


If you do not have much time, but you do not want to be deprived of pleasure, we offer at your choice: a relaxing classical massage or a hot erotic massage Kiev. Express massage necessarily includes the basic techniques of classic back massage of the shoulders, neck and head. Most often, it is there that centers of stress and centers of pain are concentrated.
To quickly save you from the strain of everyday work, the masseuse will select for you toning aromatic oils – ginger, jasmine, cardamom, citrus. It will help you after a massage to feel not a relaxed dreamer, but a cheerful and successful person.


A whole hour of pleasure? The formula is very simple: half an hour of classic massage + half an hour of erotic massage and you are lifted up to heaven. When the excitement reaches its maximum limit, complete relaxation follows.


This program will begin for you with the long-awaited body massage, after the hot and unforgettable emotions, the sequel will be the classic part of the relaxing massage of your whole body, and after the renewal of the strength, our sorceress will complete an erotic massage.


Why relax with one girl, if you can enjoy the sensations twice as much and get a unique massage in 4 hands. You just can not forget this.


The highlight of this program are the delicate and skillful legs of our beautiful girls who will bring you to the peak of bliss. Sensual bouquet, which has a foot fetish, will be desired by those who understand the taste of genuine pleasure.


Do not be selfish, because girls also like to relax. Show your talents and take part in an erotic massage, which will be dedicated to the girl.


The combination of classical and erotic massage for you is already familiar? And if you add gentle touches to this mixture, hot kisses, erotic dance, and a joint shower with a beautiful girl. Royal massage is a massage for those who like to rest in a royal way, for those who appreciate the truly luxurious time of escort, which is worthy of every self-respecting man.


Lingam massage will allow you to open up from your secret side, teach you to relax and gladly accept affection. This is a unique way of knowing the non-traditional pleasure form, concerning the most sensual part of your essence. Lingam – in the translation “Wand of Light”, so in Sanskrit men’s dignity is called. Massage Lingam delivers the most delicious pleasure possible, allowing to retire from earthly problems and soar into the skies of spiritual bliss, the pleasure of which is delicately associated with the healing effect of gentle female hands on men’s health and is aimed at the release of dormant sexual energy. Oiling, stroking and massaging the penis and testicles, exciting the innermost point – all the pleasures are available to you in reality, but even despite the exciting effect on the sexual organ, the achievement of orgasm will not be for them the goal. It serves as an excellent and liberating end to the healing effects of gentle hands. Inspirational music calling to indulge in bliss, a fragrant massage oil that evokes the most refined desires and a beautiful stranger whose hands – those slow and languid, then sharp and passionate, weightless and quivering – will take you to the vastness of the brightest emotional fantasies.

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The servicesTimePrices
Body to body massage30 min
500 UAH
Body on body with cllassic massage60 min
700 UAH
CRAZY massage60 min
800 UAH
Double relax massage75 min
1000 UAH
VIP program90 min
1300 UAH
VIP program120 min
from 1600 UAH
Four hands massage60 min
1500 UAH
Couples massage60 min
1500 UAH
BDSM40 min
800 UAH
BDSM80 min
1300 UAH
Invite the masseuse to her (departure to the house)1000 UAH + Taxi

Additional program:

Peepshow with striptease300 UAH
Peepshow with private dancing500 UAH
Prostate massage200 UAH
Massage with strapon400 UAH
Touching the man200 UAH
Kisses from client200 UAH
The Branch of Sakura100 UAH
Extra lingam massage100 UAH
Aqua massage100 UAH
Cunnilingus300 UAH
Lesbian show400 UAH
Shower of gold400 UAH
Foot fetish massage300 UAH
Facesitting300 UAH
Domination massage200 UAH
Bondage300 UAH
Hot games (wax)200 UAH
Flagellation (blows on the body with hands and a whip)200 UAH


Every Sunday the discount is 100 UAH. for all types of massage for the VIP program 10%.

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Types of massage


5 reasons why you should visit an erotic massage in our salon

Erotic massage is directly connected with sensual touch. This makes it a better procedure. As the name suggests, massage focuses on sexual enjoyment using authentic tantric practice. The benefits are not just sexual pleasure, but also a medical procedure.

Erotic massage tends to focus on the most unexplored sexual organ, on the skin. The technique of this massage concentrates on the millions of nerve endings found on the skin. All this is done in a room filled with scents, dim light and soothing music.

So does this mean that erotic massage in Kiev includes sex? Not. This is just a misunderstanding regarding massage. In fact, erotic massage is carried out by specialists who, despite being naked, act absolutely professionally. However, there is an intimate touch of the erotic zones of the yoni (vagina) or lingam (penis) depending on the gender of the client. This is done to achieve multiple orgasms.

So why choose this type of massage. There are many benefits that you get with an erotic massage. Most of the benefits depend on the profession and gender of the client. The following is a general list of benefits.

Mental benefits

Stress reduction
The world is a place where people are pressured by such factors as inflation, education, work, etc. When you are under stress, your mind tends to deteriorate. To restore energy, erotic massage can be very helpful in this. When touched and orgasm, the body produces healthy hormones that resist stress.

Spiritual reboot
Erotic massage is a portal of spiritual reincarnation. With an erotic touch, both the masseuse and the client are connected to their origins. This keeps them in touch with their soul. At such moments, body, soul and mind become what gives the client a sense of inner understanding that has never been experienced before.

Mental clarity
When the body is free from pain and stress, things are more defined. Decisions are made more deliberately, and the mood is stable.

Emotional Freedom
There is a lot of anger, sadness, jealousy and other unhealthy feelings in our bodies. Erotic massage is a procedure that allows you to let go of most of the baggage, providing emotional freedom.

Physical benefits

Blood circulation improvement
Poor communication of nerves and stress causes poor circulation. Due to certain massage manipulations on the muscles, the body regains control, eliminating any low or higher blood pressure.

Relaxed muscles
As a result of routine life and constant stress, the body develops muscle and joint pain. Erotic massage facilitates such discomfort.

Sex benefits

Controlled and improved ejaculations
There are many sexual benefits from this type of massage provided in Kiev. One of the main ones is enhancing ejaculation. During the massage, the masseuse will help control the desire for orgasm. In the end, it is longer and more intense. This helps improve customer self-esteem if they suffer from premature ejaculations.

As mentioned above, erotic massage is endowed with physical, mental and sexual benefits. To experience all the advantages that erotic massage has, all you need to do is call us.

Relaxation massage

Erotic relax massageNontraditional relaxing massage is a RELAXATION MASSAGE designed for women and men experiencing emotional stress, a feeling of constant physical and mental fatigue, physical discomfort, anxiety or depression. It also helps those who are dissatisfied in intimate relationships, reduced sexual desire, and so on.

Relaxing erotic massage Kiev is a complete relaxation of your body, the rest of its muscles, nerves under the sensitive fingers of a massage therapist. Massage has an extremely beneficial effect on the physical condition of a person, has a peculiar psychological and psychotherapeutic effect.

Healing and healing properties of massage in the technique of its execution: superficial, light, caressing by sliding the fingers of a massage therapist, stimulates and has a healing effect on vital points and zones of the human body. Pleasant relaxation during massages is extremely beneficial effect on the mental state of a person. This necessarily takes into account the individual characteristics of each client.

Try a relaxing body massage! He will help you to always be in great shape. As a result – your good mood and stimulus to life!

Deep sense of erotic relaxation

If you have ever encountered the problem of physically relaxing in an intimate setting, then our salon will help you feel relaxed in body and spirit. The atmosphere created for this session, oils, music, candles and the professional qualities of our Goddess will make it easy to achieve a state of relaxation.

Free your mind, body and soul to their complete relaxation.

Erotic massage can help you learn more about your body and its sexual capabilities, which will prolong your sexual longevity and allow you to bring sexual satisfaction to your partner. The feeling of extreme excitement and simultaneous relaxation and control is achieved by studying several secret methods.

Reach mutual understanding with your partner

Our relaxation massage in Kiev will offer you a number of methods that you will then use in your intimate life. There are no areas of the body that are outside the study, which means that you still have a lot to learn. Sessions are performed in the usual manner, but changes may be made to help meet your individual needs.

Intim massage

Professional intimate massage – a combination of enjoyable and useful

Intim massage KievIn our hard times, we often become nervous and irritable. Sometimes we can not cope with our own passivity. Home and work takes a lot of our strength and often we do not notice how quickly time passes and we do not have time to rest in full. When we are in a state of stress, we are apathetic to everything. How to overcome the nervous state and learn to live a quiet life? What are the most effective relaxation methods? One of them, of course, is the erotic massage Kiev. To date, there are many types of massage and all of them are different. Erotic massage is in great demand. You must have heard of him before.

The history of erotic massage

There was this massage technique about 2000 years ago in India. In ancient times, it was not available to everyone, but only to rich people. This is not just a medical procedure, but an entire Indian culture and philosophy. Erotic massage in Kiev has always been considered a useful procedure for body and soul. He was particularly in demand among Indian monks, kings and emperors. Interestingly, but this technique has not lost its relevance and today enjoys considerable popularity among men. Now body massage is considered an excellent method of treatment for various ailments. It helps to feel the most powerful energy surge. What is the secret of this amazing massage procedure?

Erotic massage in Kiev: advantages of the procedure

The influence of professional erotic massage is enormous. It calms, relaxes and heals the body as a whole.

So, among the main advantages of massage is to distinguish such:

  • Improves general tone;
  • Promotes the breakdown of fat and weight loss;
  • Normalizes the nervous system;
  • Stimulates blood circulation;
  • Strengthens the immune system;
  • Restores lost strength;
  • Mobilizes the forces of the body;
  • Struggles with insomnia;
  • Awakens sexual desire.

Its main purpose is to relax the body and forget about psychological problems. It should be accompanied by pleasant light music and muted light to create a real romantic atmosphere.

Before signing up for an erotic massage, it is worth knowing about its varieties. It happens:

– Classical;

– Thai;

– female;

– urological.

Depending on the number of massage therapists, he is done for a double massage, a trio, and according to the number of clients – individual, as well as erotic massage for couples, for men, for women.

Beautiful, seductive, half-naked masseuses, in an atmosphere of warmth, coziness and comfort, will pay enough attention to your body and deliver an enchanting cascade of pleasures. They own the best techniques of intimate massage and apply them in perfection. They will do everything to distract you from the world “beyond” the limits of the erotic massage salon. A quality massage procedure instantly relieves any tension, fatigue and gives a good mood.

Remember that our body needs strength, and the soul is in rest, so erotic massage Kiev will become a competent solution for a full rest and, of course, will bring great benefit to your body.

Having visited once the salon of erotic massage in Kiev «Erotic House» you will forever remain our client.

Program for girls

Erotic massage for girlsOur Salon offers you a special offer called “Individual Program for Girls”! Such a program will allow you to fully enjoy the sensuality of an erotic massage, as well as to experience all conceivable and even unpredictable nuances of pleasure. The time you spend in the stylish and cozy atmosphere of our Salon in combination with the skill of charming masseuses is sure to be remembered by you.
A modern erotic massage is available not only for the male audience, but also lovingly ladies. After all, an erotic massage for a girl is, first of all, the knowledge of the sensitivity of her body, the discovery of a new unknown sexual energy. It is necessary to take care that there are candles in the room, different aromatic oils, to pick up relaxing instrumental music. It should also be provided, if girls are allergic to aromatic essential oils, then they can be replaced with hypoallergenic cream or special massage oil. Under the chest should be padded with a roller to conveniently massage the girl’s back. Make sure that there are no drafts, and in the room, keep the room temperature and fresh air.

It is important to note with what parts of the body you should begin to do massage for the girl

First of all, you might think how to turn a usual stripping into an erotic spectacle or a fun, exciting love game. Erotic massage for girls is desirable to start with the hands and feet. First calmly and gently stroke, then move on to more intense movements. The main condition – do not rush, not to bring the girl prematurely to orgasm. Let her relax and enjoy those new feelings for herself.
Step by step massage movements go to the back of the girl. In every woman, the erogenous zones are located in different parts of the body. Your task is to find them more. Continually during the session, watch the reaction of his girl. With her sounds and groans she will let you know how pleasant she is, and what caresses bring a truly delightful pleasure.

How to cause a real storm of passion and get a funky experience?

The female breast with the gentle touch of the male palm, the most strongly reacts to affection. Try to stroke sensually and you can even kiss the girl’s breast lightly. Slowly sink lower and lower. Turn the erotic massage for the girl into a real fairy tale of strong and unearthly desire.
Caress each other, love, deliver a dizzying pleasure and sex will be an unforgettable extravaganza for both of you. You can decorate the gray and everyday relationships with bright and sexy colors of positive, joy and happiness! Do not be afraid to be sexy and sexy. The main thing is to tell each other what you want in sex, talk about your fantasies and desires. If you have understanding and mutual sexual attraction, then you can be happy. Do an erotic massage more often to each other, because it’s never too late to study your body. Or come to the salon and order an erotic massage from our masseuses!

Erotic session

Erotik Session“Erotik-Session” will appreciate the Men, who are important not only tactile, but also visual sensations. Attractive erotic dance of the charming masteress is smoothly transformed into Body massage. The masseuse performs such a kind of massage in the nude and leads to relaxation with the help of hand and body technique.
As you might guess, to achieve their special goals, this method involves the use of elements of eroticism, so all procedures are performed only by girls. Moreover, to make erotic massage for men seem to them as comfortable as possible – all masseuses are selected according to extremely strict criteria, therefore they necessarily have an attractive appearance and a set of all necessary personal qualities. Well and one more important difference of a technique is absolute nudity of the expert which uses during procedure not only the hands, but also all body (especially a breast, transferring, thus, real sensation of affinity and professional massage).

What is unique is an erotic massage for men and everything about what it is.

How is this technique implemented? – 10 rules of erotic massage for men.
In order for an erotic massage for men to have maximum comfort and effectiveness, it implies a whole list of rules. All of them make the sensations of the method really unique, so these advantages are the main argument in the direction of its popularity:
1. Mandatory atmosphere of semi-darkness is the main attribute of the erotic massage, which gives complete solitude with the masseuse and the appropriate pleasure;
2. An aphrodisiac and flavored candles are provided, which adjust the emotions to the correct wave and amplify them many times;
3. For more gentle sensations, a special relaxing oil is used;
Execution of erotic massage for men.
4.And thus, erotic massage for men – not only gentle stroking. This type of rest has a full-fledged program of actions, from kneading to other techniques of a particular masseuse;
5. But for more acute sensations, it always begins with the front side (face to face of the client);
6. The masseuse is perfectly familiar with all the erogenous zones of men, so they are surely used;
7. No matter how surprising, special attention is given to the footsteps, since there are many sensitive endings;
8. Massage is performed by the whole body (not only by hands or by the breast). As a rule, at some point the masseuse can use any close touches, so that the element of eroticism is played extremely hard;
9. The masseuse may also not limit herself in “permissive” zones, massaging the whole body of the client in complete solitude;
10. This technique does not provide for the possibility of breaks, so you will have to experience the full course of the methodology entirely and immediately.

Benefit from erotic massage and price

As already mentioned, this massage technique allows you to relax not just your body, but also emotions, because they are the main focus. In a specially allocated room there is only a client and his masseuse, so solitude, closeness and erotica helps bring in your inner balance the complete harmony. The cost of erotic massage is also quite affordable, since the service is quite relevant and popular. But for fans to experience different variations of its performance, additional services are always provided, which allows you to enjoy the skill of an attractive specialist with unforgettable emotions.

Double relax

Erotic double relaxA variety of erotic massage called “Double Relax” will help you to feel the charm of a fairy tale. You can relax to the full, resting both your soul and your body. This unique “Double Relax” will give you amazing sensual sensations. Bright colors of emotions will add a delicate smell of oriental incense and pleasant melodic music.

Massage “Double Relax” includes two erotic parts and one part of the classic massage, which lasts one hour. This massage is performed by one girl.
Double Relax – in addition to the range of pleasant sensations and pleasures benefits your health, and first of all the neuro-immune system. This massage is necessary for those who want to relax, get a boost of vitality and health, relieve the unpleasant symptoms of fatigue at work and everyday stress. Includes rubbing, kneading, stroking and vibration techniques. Does not include erotic elements, but is an active means of health promotion.

Jacuzzi session

Erotic jacuzzi sessionOne of the so-called VIP programs of our Salon offers you a Jacuzzi Session! The girl performs his first part for you in a fragrant warm jacuzzi, by candlelight, using oriental incense and a large amount of foam. Then you will experience all the delights of a complex Body Massage, which is already performed in the room. Jacuzzi Session will give you an unforgettable experience! The program involves one or two relaxation, according to your desire.
Jacuzzi Session – a pacifying, exciting, blissful massage. The touch of your darling under the jets of water will bring a sea of ​​pleasant sensations, which is worth touching wet hair to your hot body. Woman and water, what is more erotic possible to come up with? And the water filled with erotic energy will wash away all traces of fatigue and constraint.

Being in the jacuzzi with a girl, your body will bathe in the warm waters of the bubbling jacuzzi, and your thoughts will soar at an unattainable height, where the skillful hands of our charmer will send them. It will massage your chest, back, shoulders and neck, gently rub your body, excite and relax you, until you ascend to the peak of unforgettable bliss.

Just try to imagine the glow of the lights on the candles, the scent that carries your subconscious somewhere to the East, the muffled music that takes you to nirvana, and all this under the bursts of water. Warm water will relax you, this is its main property. How sometimes it is necessary to relieve stress and emotional fatigue, stress after a hard working day. In such a situation, the jacuzzi session will help, by the way. Together with the fragrant foam dissolve the accumulated problems. Extensive and sensual masseuse with gentle light movements massage shoulders, back, chest, buttocks. A naked body will gently touch your body and help to relax as much as possible. Sensual touches will calm you and fill your body with energy. And this program ends with a beautiful erotic part …