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1. Express massage
2. An hour for yourself
3. Double relaxation
4. Massage in 4 hands
5. Foot fetish
6. Selfishness
7. The Royal Massage
8. Lingam


If you do not have much time, but you do not want to be deprived of pleasure, we offer at your choice: a relaxing classical massage or a hot erotic massage in Kiev. Express massage necessarily includes the basic techniques of classic back massage of the shoulders, neck and head. Most often, it is there that centers of stress and centers of pain are concentrated.
To quickly save you from the strain of everyday work, the masseuse will select for you toning aromatic oils – ginger, jasmine, cardamom, citrus. It will help you after a massage to feel not a relaxed dreamer, but a cheerful and successful person.


A whole hour of pleasure? The formula is very simple: half an hour of classic massage + half an hour of erotic massage  and you are lifted up to heaven. When the excitement reaches its maximum limit, complete relaxation follows.


This program will begin for you with the long-awaited body massage, after the hot and unforgettable emotions, the sequel will be the classic part of the relaxing massage of your whole body, and after the renewal of the strength, our sorceress will complete an erotic massage.


Why relax with one girl, if you can enjoy the sensations twice as much and get a unique massage in 4 hands. You just can not forget this.


The highlight of this program are the delicate and skillful legs of our beautiful girls who will bring you to the peak of bliss. Sensual bouquet, which has a foot fetish, will be desired by those who understand the taste of genuine pleasure.


Do not be selfish, because girls also like to relax. Show your talents and take part in an erotic massage Kiev, which will be dedicated to the girl.


The combination of classical and erotic massage Kiev for you is already familiar? And if you add gentle touches to this mixture, hot kisses, erotic dance, and a joint shower with a beautiful girl. Royal massage is a massage for those who like to rest in a royal way, for those who appreciate the truly luxurious time of escort, which is worthy of every self-respecting man.


Lingam massage will allow you to open up from your secret side, teach you to relax and gladly accept affection. This is a unique way of knowing the non-traditional pleasure form, concerning the most sensual part of your essence. Lingam – in the translation “Wand of Light”, so in Sanskrit men’s dignity is called. Massage Lingam delivers the most delicious pleasure possible, allowing to retire from earthly problems and soar into the skies of spiritual bliss, the pleasure of which is delicately associated with the healing effect of gentle female hands on men’s health and is aimed at the release of dormant sexual energy. Oiling, stroking and massaging the penis and testicles, exciting the innermost point – all the pleasures are available to you in reality, but even despite the exciting effect on the sexual organ, the achievement of orgasm will not be for them the goal. It serves as an excellent and liberating end to the healing effects of gentle hands. Inspirational music calling to indulge in bliss, a fragrant massage oil that evokes the most refined desires and a beautiful stranger whose hands – those slow and languid, then sharp and passionate, weightless and quivering – will take you to the vastness of the brightest emotional fantasies. 

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