Erotic massage – the great art of pleasure

Великое исскуство -эротический массаж

Feelings during an erotic massage

There are many pleasures in the world, but none can compare to the divine sensations that a person receives during an erotic massage. It helps to completely relax, remove tension and unnecessary thoughts, bring the body into a state of complete peace and harmony and, of course, adjust to the sexual mood and awaken desire. Erotic massage is the art of giving the greatest pleasure, and this art is as old as the world. For a long time, connoisseurs of bodily pleasures understood not only the strong influence of this massage on the body, but also the possibility of awakening sensuality and revealing one’s sexual potential.

Goals of erotic massage

Erotic massage can be used both for relaxation, harmonizing the state, relieving tension and getting pleasure, and as the beginning of intimacy and for establishing a powerful sexual connection between partners. It is very important to understand that technique, sensuality, and the situation in which it is performed play an important role in erotic massage. To achieve an ideal result, you need to have professional skills in performing such a massage, adjust to the desired emotional state and prepare the appropriate place. Of course, the appearance of the one performing the air massage is also very important, as it should include not only the pleasure of touch, but also visual pleasure.

Types of erotic massage

There are many types of air massage, all of them are incredibly popular among true connoisseurs of pleasure and have their own characteristics: • Thai erotic body massage. It involves the whole body, from the top to the feet, with the most attention being paid to the genitals. Such an erotic massage is performed both with hands and other parts of the body, it is characterized by high sensuality and a very rich technique; • Tantric massage. Basically, it is aimed at stimulating the genitals and all erogenous zones. Helps achieve both physical and powerful emotional rapprochement; • Aquapine massage. It is performed in an intimate atmosphere, in a bathroom filled with aromatic foam. It is characterized by gentle sliding movements that bring the greatest pleasure. In addition, there are many other types of erotic massage, which differ in the specifics of the performance technique and other details, it would be difficult to list them all. Using all the possibilities of sexual massage, you can not only get unearthly pleasure, but also significantly improve your well-being, relax, relieve tension, stimulate strong sexual desire, remove tightness and shyness, and also establish a strong emotional bond of trust between partners.