Jacuzzi session

Erotic massage in KievOne of the so-called VIP programs of our Salon offers you a Jacuzzi Session! The girl performs his first part for you in a fragrant warm jacuzzi, by candlelight, using oriental incense and a large amount of foam. Then you will experience all the delights of a complex erotic Massage Kiev, which is already performed in the room. Jacuzzi Session will give you an unforgettable experience! The program involves one or two relaxation, according to your desire.
Jacuzzi Session – a pacifying, exciting, blissful massage. The touch of your darling under the jets of water will bring a sea of ​​pleasant sensations, which is worth touching wet hair to your hot body. Woman and water, what is more erotic possible to come up with? And the water filled with erotic energy will wash away all traces of fatigue and constraint.

Being in the jacuzzi with a girl, your body will bathe in the warm waters of the bubbling jacuzzi, and your thoughts will soar at an unattainable height, where the skillful hands of our charmer will send them. It will massage your chest, back, shoulders and neck, gently rub your body, excite and relax you, until you ascend to the peak of unforgettable bliss.

Just try to imagine the glow of the lights on the candles, the scent that carries your subconscious somewhere to the East, the muffled music that takes you to nirvana, and all this under the bursts of water. Warm water will relax you, this is its main property. How sometimes it is necessary to relieve stress and emotional fatigue, stress after a hard working day. In such a situation, the jacuzzi session will help, by the way. Together with the fragrant foam dissolve the accumulated problems. Extensive and sensual masseuse with gentle light movements massage shoulders, back, chest, buttocks. A naked body will gently touch your body and help to relax as much as possible. Sensual touches will calm you and fill your body with energy. And this program ends with a beautiful erotic part …

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