Indian massage

Erotic indian massageThis kind of body massage Kiev is based on the ancient teachings of yogis. The most important idea of ​​the Indian massage technique is the ability to increase the sexual energy of a person. With its help, sexual potency is not only increased, but sensitivity is aggravated, due to the effect on the erogenous zones.

The beginning of the Indian massage occurs from the head, having a beneficial effect on the metabolic processes in the brain and memory. Massage is performed with the help of light vibrations and strokes. Then follows an erotic massage, which includes a deep study of all the muscles, special attention is paid to the back and spine. For Indian massage special balls of different composition and diameter are used (wooden, crystal, with ringing, “cat’s eye”). Then comes the time of the erotic part of the massage. Techniques of Indian massage affect the erogenous zones, a charming handyman massages your body with your chest, back, buttocks. In addition, a massage of bioactive points in the buttocks and sacrum is performed, which, in turn, promotes the most complete achievement of the apogee of bliss.

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