Types of massage

Виды эротического массажа Types of massage

The modern salon of erotic massage “Erotic House” is a real find for all people who want to devote themselves for a little while and enjoy all the pleasures of high-quality and unforgettable massage.

Types of massage that are offered in the cabin

So, any client can afford the following types of unforgettable erotic massage, such as:

• Classic massage. This is the most common type of massage among clients. Classic massage is a huge multi-year practice of treatment, as well as the prevention of a huge variety of diseases. It is aimed at the restoration of the hidden forces of the body, gives the person confidence, adds new strength and promotes the development of positive emotions. Excellent relaxation;

• “Second wind”. This unforgettable Thai massage, which successfully combines all kinds of erotic massages, as well as helps to restore the body’s strength, development of sensuality and energy resources of the body;

• Aroma massage. This is one of the most common methods of therapy, as well as unforgettable relaxation. You can already plunge into the world of positive and enjoy plenty of carelessness and beauty. By doing this, our masculine girls always use only qualitative and original aromatic oils that not only have a beneficial effect on the whole body, but also help to strengthen its internal forces, relax and rejuvenate the skin, making it incredibly velvety;

• Special Thai massage with herbal bags. This particular species was considered one of the most sought after variants of massage in antiquity. The gentle hands of our girls are capable of creating true miracles. This type of massage quickly restores the mental and, undoubtedly, the physical condition of each client. It fills its body with energy, and also allows you to relax and enjoy unparalleled pleasure. Special herbal bags help to remove the feeling of anxiety and muscle stiffness;

• Modern and already in demand among many clients, chiromassage. This technique is a special complex of gentle tactile manipulations, which is selected directly for each client. Such a technique will bring you not only better aesthetic, but also erotic pleasure, which you did not dream about;

• Original massage for couples. This is a paradise for you two. Each of the partners will have the most unforgettable feelings. This is a chic opportunity to introduce something new in your sexual life, seeing in your partner something new, previously unexplored. After a session of this massage, you can begin life again, in which there will be no room for family problems and misunderstandings, as well as conflicts;

• An unforgettable massage for girls. Each visitor will be able to choose a good masseuse or a woman – a masseuse. Everything that the client wants is embodied in the erotic massage salon “Erotic House”. You will be able to revive all your wildest and erotic dreams, and also decorate your life and begin to see a lot of positive things in it.

The best body massage Kiev can be a real present for all your friends, relatives and loved ones. You can take care of it in advance and order a holiday certificate for them.

Give yourself a real pleasure, incomparable erotic pleasure, a sea of ​​positive, as well as a great mood with an erotic massage salon “Erotic House”. There is no doubt that each visitor will be served at the merit. Good luck to everyone!