Thai massage

Thai massageMore than two thousand years ago, a massage was invented that could replace all modern medicine: its author is a close friend of Buddha and a personal physician of an Indian king named Javaka Kumar Bhashi. Now this kind of massage is called THAI, because it was mainly developed in Thailand, and not in India, where it originated. This erotic massage in Kiev is the fruit of Thai culture, which is based on a special philosophy.

Thai erotic massage in Kiev is a kind of art of establishing a mystical connection – between the participants in the process: those who implement it, and, accordingly, the “recipient”. The breath of the masseur moves in time with the breath of the massaged. At the heart of such a connection is a kind of universal energy, combining two opposite essences, which complement each other – of course, they are all known to Yin and Yan. As in all the vast universe, Yin and Yang are called to find a strict balance in the amazing creation of Nature, which is the human body.

The main thrust of the practice of traditional Thai massage is mainly to prepare the body for such a harmonious state, in the shortest possible time to achieve both a deep relaxation and an intensive influx of vitality. In addition, it contributes to a significant increase in the tone of blood vessels and increased mobility of the joints.

The basis of the Thai erotic massage Lviv are techniques that affect not the muscular system of a person, but its energy zones: meridians and biologically active points. In this – its similarity with reflexology and point massage shiatsu.

However, during the Thai massage, not a particular zone is worked out, but the whole organism: from the fingertips (where a lot of points are responsible for the most different systems and organs) to the top of the head.

The main method of Thai massage is pressure: it is performed not only with a brush, but also with the help of elbows, knees and the whole body as a whole.
Thai erotic massage is an extremely exciting massage. Slowly moving from one area to another, you will bring your partner to the peak of bliss, which means that you will have unforgettable sex after a massage, if you follow the recommendations of the salon.
Before you begin the very procedure of massage, perform a few easy conditions, which, nevertheless, will create the right atmosphere. Make the lighting in the room not bright, turn on the slow melodies, light the aromatic lamp, undress yourself and bury your hands to make them warm. Now you can start the most Thai erotic massage.

Soft massage of the facial area and head.

Position: on the back, head massaged – on your chest. Start gently massage the ends of the fingers of his face from the cheekbones to the temples and then, connecting the two hands in the forehead. Perform also circular or rectilinear stroking movements from the center to the periphery of the face in order to relieve fatigue. At the end of the facial massage, make a finger shower. In order to do a head massage, run your hands into the roots of the partner’s hair and shift the skin toward the top of the head. Such manipulations bring relaxation throughout the body.

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