Foot massage

Erotic foot massageThe Foot Massage program is aimed at those who appreciate diversity and are looking for innovations. This kind of massage includes the basics of classical body massage Kiev in combination with new elements of the erotic part.
Wise women know that even the most brutal machos have their own little secrets and weaknesses. Female legs – seductive and beautiful – this is one of the weaknesses of real men. Touching, stroking and kissing them is a dream of real connoisseurs of sensual pleasures. For those who want to try new elements in erotic experiences, we recommend looking at the unusual combination of foot-fetish and foot massage. Such a symbiosis contributes to the complete elimination of destructive energy, clogging the body and excellent relaxation of every cell in the body.

Everything will begin with anticipation, which begins immediately when you visit a darkened room, soaked with oriental aromas circling around your head and filled with iridescent candle twinkling. A vision of a beautiful nude girl arises across from you, allowing you to first admire, then touch your incomparable, bewitching legs.

The process is fascinating so much that everything vain and petty evaporates and you dissolve into the abyss of voluptuous whims and quivering passions. What, an erotic massage for a real gourmet, can be compared with the opportunity to reverently admire the luxurious hips, watch the playing of fingers, inhale the aroma, touch and kiss tender knees, and finally feel the healing touches of the divine feet.

Female legs have always been the object of admiration for the male population. However, many do not even realize how pleasant they can give you a feeling.

Foot – fetish is the art of erotic massage, the main tool of which are the feet and toes of the legs.
We invite you to personally experience this masculine pleasure – foot – fetish in Kiev.
You will be invited to a room filled with the atmosphere of eroticism and sweet pleasures, the aromas of candles will relax you before the source of the procedure.
Wonderful girl will draw you into an entertaining erotic fun, caressing your body with her tender legs. Affectionate touches will lead your body and give you incomparable feelings and sensations.

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