Body massage

Bode massage in KievBody massage, light and sensual, offers you a lot of new sensations. With the help of this kind of erotic massage in Lviv your muscles really relax, the feelings are exacerbated to the limit. The reason here lies, in part, in the agonizing slowness of the abundance of unusual caresses. The awakening of the most secret facets of the erotic potential of your whole organism leads to orgasm, forcing to distance oneself from worries and worries of the surrounding world.

Such an erotic massage in Lviv will fill you with life-giving energy and will allow you to feel the fullness, calmness and leisurely leisure that will bring special pleasure. Smooth movements only occasionally become quick and tantalizing, which is what makes body massage irresistibly sensual. You are involved in a world of sexual fantasies, your body becomes the focus of a super-powerful erotic charge. The duration of the action contributes to an incredible “explosive” desired climax.

Duration of body massage

This kind of massage is complex:

The first part is a classical general-relaxing massage of the whole body (detailed study of all muscle groups). The duration of the first part of the body massage is 45 minutes,
The second part, erotic – it lasts 15-20 minutes. Charming masseuse gently and gently massages you with her body.
There are many entertaining body massage options. When in Kiev you come to the salon for an erotic massage Kiev, you can safely close your eyes and let your finger choose in an impressive price list. But there is an erotic massage, and there is a body massage. To understand the difference you need to try. For an approximate understanding of the differences, to decide to try, so to speak, you just need to be a full-blooded man. Do not be mistaken at all if I say that the desire to get everything right here and now is familiar to every man. Well, of course, we are!

Arguments in favor of body massage

So, why the body massage, and why it is better than others.
The first argument: “To half-measures is not accustomed!”, As one movie character said. I do not argue, to observe the pretty face of the masseuse well. It is very good to look at her legs, neckline. But where better to experience the following: here is an insanely sexy girl undressing, is sent to you, and begins to “massage your whole body.” And the body smells wonderful, is rubbed with oils, the skin is pure silk! Tell me, even if it’s a snap, would such a sensation be preferred by a real man? Just such!

The second argument: to walk – so to walk! As an experienced person, I had to order body massage for my woman. In my presence and with my participation, of course. I had a erotic massage in Kiev, and in Pattaya, and in Amsterdam. And every time an unsurpassed experience, just the highest class! And you look, and with you all this happens … I just want to say: forget about the grimaces and remorse. For the first time somehow it is inconvenient at first, but you need to relax. And then you simply forget, when you see that both like it.

Body massage Kiev – it tightens.

Real body massage professionals are not as numerous as it seems at first glance. Faced with masters of different levels, you yourself will understand. Here, too, talent must be had, without options. Body massage is not a hard classic massage, and not a striptease. Even if you are a big man who sits on the hedgehog and does not peep, then during the body massage you will feel every millimeter of skin what and how it happens. This is the gift of a good masseuse and is manifested.
There are also nuances in different countries. In the Netherlands, many masseuses do themselves plastic surgery. I do not like these people, in principle. Kiev in this sense is generally ideal-Ukrainian girls are out of competition for beauty from nature, they do not need to add anything. Still, the feeling that you are next to a living beauty, and not with a doll, does its job. But I will not argue about tastes. Another significant plus for us, Slavic men – the language of communication. Asian girls babble in bad English. This has its own zest, but it is much more pleasant when you are understood from the first word. It’s ridiculous to think, of course, that body massage is “in intimate conversations”, but this is not a fence to paint – there is always some element of communication.

The third argument: all that is useful is not harmful! Do not think that body massage is only that you are “courted” naked beauty. Very superficial opinion. And if everything will be like this – you were deceived and poorly served. Body massage in any honest salon, whether in Kiev or another city, begins with a beautiful ceremony. Often the massage itself takes place in the bathroom or on a special mattress in the bathroom. The client washes, rubbed with foams and oils – there is, as they say, all the health spectrum. In Western Europe, I was offered to look at the beginning of a dance or listen to music, drink tea. There everything happened in a room with ordinary furniture. I think that in Kiev you can find other original proposals, if someone likes “brand new”.

I like body massage in the usual sense, without much sophistication. In it there is an element of massage as such, and show, and excitement. And after it you feel young, beautiful, in the prime of your strength and desires. Personally, my opinion: we must take all the pleasant proposals from life, without exception! A real man is the king of life, and body massage is the king of massage!

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